ARMADA is actually an anagram of “a drama”, this is due to Reynier Abello, the founder and the designer of the label’s love for theater and performing arts.

Reynier has always been a fan of Catalan Arts and the Zarzuelas, thus the brand’s signature Filipino- Hispanic touch. Armada has graced the international runways in Asia; Lao Fashion Week , Phnom Penh Designers Week, Manila Fashion Festival and Malaysia Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to name few of them.  

 In 2018, Business Mirror, Philippines dubbed Reynier as the Reductionist Designer of his generation. Following the success of his Spring / Summer 2018 -2019 “The Hidden Fortress” which highlighted special graphics in conjunction with more sedate tailored pieces. It’s Fall /Winter 2019-2020 Collection called “ONGPIN” is a look back to the Philippines Circa Decada Sietenta through the movies Lino Brocka.

In 2020 , at the height of the Covid19 pandemic , Reynier released a tribute collection for his beloved grandmother ‘ Anita’. This is the brand’s first fashion show that utilized an online streaming paltform. Despite the absence of an audience the collection was sold out three days after it’s public release and became one of  the brand’s most successful collections.  

After a short hiatus due to the logistical limitations brought by the socio-economic crisis of the Covid Pandemic , Armada opened its doors as a resident of the Factory Phnom Penh , a repurposed old garment factory compound  that was transformed into a work hub for creative professionals.